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Your neighborhood Fortis Institute in Lawrenceville, NJ


Fortis Institute in Lawrenceville
2572 Brunswick Pike, Suite 100 Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 (609) 512-2560
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  • Training Programs in Lawrenceville, NJ

    The FORTIS Institute in Lawrenceville, NJ opened in 2010.  FORTIS Institute offers postsecondary education to people in Trenton, Mercer, Middlesex, Somerset, 亨特顿县和新泽西州中部,他们希望开始新的职业生涯或在现有职业中取得进步.  FORTIS is proud to be an up and coming member of the Lawrenceville community and we look forward to contributing in many ways locally.

    At FORTIS Institute, we offer a wide range of quality career training programs in popular healthcare career fields and the skilled trades. If you are considering a Medical Assisting program in NJ, let FORTIS prepare you for either of these two unique career fields where people who enjoy helping others can make a positive difference.  In fact, Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks medical assistants among the fast growing career occupations nationally from now through 2026.  Medical Assisting offers growth and personal satisfaction to those with the ambition and discipline to get the proper education like you can get at Fortis Institute in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

    Do you want to earn a living working with your hands?  Then consider the Heating, Ventilation, 劳伦斯维尔富通学院的空调和制冷培训十大正规赌博平台大全.  You can learn how to install and service heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Trenton has residential, commercial and industrial buildings that sooner or later need HVAC service and repair to the cooling and heating systems.  FORTIS can train you to become an HVAC Installer, HVAC Mechanic or HVAC Technician.

    In the Electrical and Electronic Systems Technician program at Fortis Institute Lawrenceville campus you can learn the facets of working with low-voltage electronic systems including installation, troubleshooting and repair for applications such as home alarms & security systems, home theater, intercoms, fiber optic telecom, computer networking, wireless systems and more.

    If you live in Trenton, Levittown, Somerset or near the Delaware River in Bucks County, PA then you should think about FORTIS Institute Lawrenceville campus as the place for a quality education in medical, HVAC & refrigeration or electronic system career fields. At FORTIS, we pride ourselves on offering quality training in career fields where people have an opportunity for personal success. We take pleasure in helping students explore and fulfill their career passions. The FORTIS Institute in Lawrenceville, 新泽西大学提供了一个鼓励学生充分发挥潜力的学习环境.


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